Samba PDC probs

John Parsons ees3jp at
Mon Jul 12 11:22:28 GMT 1999

I have Samba 2.1.0prealpha running on a Solaris 2.5.1 Sun Ultra1.

I have set it up as a PDC for my SCSNT domain.  I have one NT4 Terminal
Server, one NT4 workstation and 1 Win95 computer as part of that domain.

When I use the User Manager for Domains, I get a list of users etc.  but
cannot modify and properties or access the Policies -> User Rights options.
I generally get RPC errors.

I also cannot login as a normal user, although I have setup the smbpasswd
entry for the user.  It only works logging on as Administrator which has
been mapped to the UNIX account root.  I get the error message that is
normally displayed if you enter the wrong password.  I know the password is
correct.  I have the Reg hack applied on both Terminal Server and
workstation, and encrypt passwords set to yes in smb.conf.

Has anybody got any ideas of what could be wrong?



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