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Mon Jul 12 11:42:37 GMT 1999

Unfortunately, it's not possible. Both the unix password crypt and the NT
password crypt are one-way; i.e. it's impossible to extract a password from
an encrypted string. Due to the different nature of the Unix and NT way of
encrypting it's also not possible to convert the encrypted strings. This is
also in the documentation that comes with the samba sources, by the way.

So, you basically need to find a way to retrieve plain-text passwords from
users and implement the
passwd sync in smb.conf, or live with 2 different passwords.



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> Hi, i'm using a samba 2.0.3 with encrypted passwords and domain logon
> (PDC).
> I have another linux for mails and i want to get these passwords to log in
> the domain some win3.1, win95 and winNT workstation machines.
> It work well when it create manually smbpasswd passwords.
> I made a bash script to get the passwd from the mail server and add the
> users from the gid i want in the passwd of the samba PDC.
> i try the command
> cat /etc/passwd.smb | /usr/bin/mksmbpasswd > /etc/
> but the passwords aren't converted :( it's like ->
> XX
> :[U      ]:LCT-00000000:Michel Robert
> and i want something like
> robert:661:10B952EA6203E653AAD3B435B51404EE:62FC1C83D064786A916DAD04EDD11B
> 04
> :[U      ]:LCT-3784BD30:Michel Robert
> is it possible ?

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