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Tue Jul 13 17:26:56 GMT 1999

very cool.

watch for nss_ntdom soon...

On Tue, 13 Jul 1999, David Bannon wrote:

> At 09:08 PM 12/07/1999 +1000, RLDF wrote:
> >Hi, i'm using a samba 2.0.3 with encrypted passwords and domain logon (PDC).
> >I have another linux for mails and i want to get these passwords to log in
> >the domain some win3.1, win95 and winNT workstation machines.
> >.....
> >i try the command
> >cat /etc/passwd.smb | /usr/bin/mksmbpasswd > /etc/
> >.....
> >is it possible ?
> >
> I run a system where the samba PCD is the only passwd source. There is also
> a linux machine that does all our email stuff, it runs pam_smb. The IMAP
> server uses pam_smb to check the email user's passwd against the PDC. Very
> easy and much simpler to maintain. It seemed a good idea to have the
> passwds on a machine that is a little less visible than the email server too. 
> I use a cron job to create 'dumb' users on the email machine whenever new
> users are added to the PDC, (same system adds them to several other
> servers, all running as samba domain members, at the same time). When used
> for IMAP email, the dumb users must have a valid home directory unlike on
> the other plain file and print servers where they call /dev/null home.
> David
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