smbclient changes between 1.n and 2.n

Andy Smith abs at
Mon Jan 25 14:52:16 GMT 1999

I have just started looking at backing up our NT workstations using
amanda and smbclient.  The workstations (4.0/sp3) are authenticating
against a solaris (2.5.1) samba PDC running a cvs version of the HEAD
branch circa july 1998 which announces itself 1.9.19-prealpha.

If I use the smbclient that goes with this version, all is well, tar runs
and dumps the entire pc.

I also have the latest HEAD branch running another non-production domain
which announces itself as 2.1.0-prealpha (d/loaded 99-01-06).

If I use the same options to this version of smbclient, then all I
get dumped is the 7 regular files in the top level directory.  Note,
at this stage, amanda is not involved, I am running this command from
a shell prompt :-

smbclient '//d2678/c$' '' -U administrator -W d2678 -N -Tc /var/tmp/backup2.tar

I have looked at the nt-dom archives, but the only similar thing I could find
related to amiga.  Have I missed something?  Do I need to change smb.conf
between these two versions?  Thanks for any tips.
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