cannot change password

Marcus Graf mg at
Sun Jan 24 06:19:26 GMT 1999


i've installed Samba 2.0.0, added approx. 1000 users (with an 
username map), turned on domain logons, added workstations to the 
domain etc. Nearly everything is working fine! Many thanks to the 
samba team for this great software!

But there's one problem left: The users are unable to change their 
passwords. Pressing ctrl-alt-del shows the usual dialogs but the 
password change fails with an error "misspelled username or password" 
(sorry, i dont have the correct english message. If it's importatnt I 
can send the german text)

I've checked the log but I don't understand what's going on. The log 
is a little bit long and I don't want to post ist here completely. Is 
anyone out there who wants to analyze this? And what loglevel do you 

Is there anything else I may have done wrong?


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