Print serving with samba domain (linux) and NT4

A J Every masaje at
Thu Jan 21 14:42:08 GMT 1999

Using samba 2.0.0  - A great job by the samba team it works very well.

However, now I have it working I'm trying to get too big for my boots and get 
little esoteric things working.

Thanks to all those who responded with regard to domain group maps etc.

Todays question is regarding print serving via samba.  I'm trying to load and 
run printer drivers off my samba server (linux) as per PRINTER_DRIVER.txt 
supplied with the source. I know it states it does not work with NT4 but thats 
what I really what to do.

The shares all work, but when attempting to connect on workstation I get the 
error message

The server on which the printer resides do not have a suitable HP LaserJet 
4/4M Plus PS 600 printer driver installed. Click on OK if you wish to install 
the driver on your local machine.

I've checked and rechecked spellings, locations, and identification of files 
etc. and there appears no problem.

Does this really not work? Has anyone got this working?

thanks again for great work

alan (every).
University of Bath

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