Print serving with samba domain (linux) and NT4

Thomas Reifferscheid reiffert at
Thu Jan 21 15:01:28 GMT 1999

Maybe you should try out to take only directory names with max. 8
letters. that is what i have reported a couple of days ago .. 
\\host\printer$\lj4000 <- works for me,
\\host\printer$\lj4000pcl6 <- does not work.

I'm not quite sure, but i think i once made a successfull
printer-driver-installation on NT for the hp dj690c with the printer$
share and the printers.def file ?! 

lets think whats on to be done for printerdriver installation for NT:

the NT-PC has to announce itself as NT while trying to get
printerdrivers information, samba has to recognize this.
i guess there should be no major problem to devide between no
announcement (win9x) and NT, is there ?

whats planned for printer-drivers for samba 2.1 ?


A J Every wrote:
> Using samba 2.0.0  - A great job by the samba team it works very well.
> However, now I have it working I'm trying to get too big for my boots and get
> little esoteric things working.
> Thanks to all those who responded with regard to domain group maps etc.
> Todays question is regarding print serving via samba.  I'm trying to load and
> run printer drivers off my samba server (linux) as per PRINTER_DRIVER.txt
> supplied with the source. I know it states it does not work with NT4 but thats
> what I really what to do.
> The shares all work, but when attempting to connect on workstation I get the
> error message
> The server on which the printer resides do not have a suitable HP LaserJet
> 4/4M Plus PS 600 printer driver installed. Click on OK if you wish to install
> the driver on your local machine.
> I've checked and rechecked spellings, locations, and identification of files
> etc. and there appears no problem.
> Does this really not work? Has anyone got this working?
> thanks again for great work
> alan (every).
> University of Bath

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