Uggg i just updated from cvs today to get me current

Sean Mathews mathewss at
Wed Jan 6 19:16:23 GMT 1999

> The group and user mapping code has some serious bugs 
> with regards to looping.  I enabled mapfiles with a single 
> entry each and the Name service cache daemon on Solaris 2.6 
> cranked up to about 60% and one smbd proces matched that.
> Disabling the map parameters in smb.conf fixed the 
> problem.  Luke is aware of this and just needs time to 
> sort some things out.

 Ok so if my 2.0.0beta1 is what i was using had the map files
working 'ok' not perfect but they worked should i stay there?
or is 2.0.0beta5 going to be ok?

> Hope this helps,
> j-

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