System Policy Problems

Darryl Cording darrylc at
Mon Feb 1 05:19:42 GMT 1999


I have been playing around with the Samba PDC stuff over the last
few months and have been generally impressed with the server's 
functionallity. The only thing I haven't been able to get working 
properly is the policy download from a Samba PDC. Other people on 
the list have stated it works for them so I am assuming it 'should'
work for me. 

Here is what I have been doing.
1) Use poledit to create the policy (used poledit from the NTWS RKit cdrom)
2) Put the Ntconfig.POL into the [netlogon] share

Somewhere I read that the .POL file must have the exact case the server 
is expecting for it to download it. I have tried with the suggested case
(and many others), but the policy just doesn't get loaded when logging
into the Domain. The policy works though if only a local logon occurs.  

I know smbd is seeing the file as there are references to it in the log...

[1999/02/01 14:45:44, 3] lib/util.c:unix_clean_name(587)
  unix_clean_name [/Ntconfig.POL]                                                
[1999/02/01 14:45:44, 3] lib/util.c:unix_clean_name(587)
  unix_clean_name [Ntconfig.POL]                                         
[1999/02/01 14:45:44, 2] smbd/open.c:open_file(534)
  darrylc opened file Ntconfig.POL read=Yes write=No (numopen=2)                
[1999/02/01 14:45:44, 3] locking/locking_shm.c:shm_set_share_mode(453)
  set_share_mode: Created share record for Ntconfig.POL (dev 307 inode 108756)
[1999/02/01 14:45:44, 3] locking/locking_shm.c:shm_set_share_mode(492)
  set_share_mode: Created share entry for Ntconfig.POL with mode 0x20 pid=3670

Could somebody please point me to the correct documentation on this, or
show me the error of my ways.

Oh, I should mention that I am currently running Samba-2.0.0beta4( about to upgrade 
to 2.0.0final, if I can get this working). I was using the CVS code but switched over
as the 2.0.0beta series became available. Do I need to go back to the HEAD branch?
I did want to let the HEAD branch get a little more stable before looking at it again.

Any help will be much appreciated,

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