NT not to PDC? (RPC not found)

Steve Litt slitt at troubleshooters.com
Fri Dec 10 23:14:13 GMT 1999


If it's on the same subnet as your Samba PDC, I'll bet you could put os
level=255. I know that would make the Samba box the LDC. Now the question
is would it also take the PDC job away from the NT box.

By the way, according to GOTCHAS.txt, if you have NT servers on the
network, you're better off using them as the WINS server and PDC.

Steve Litt

At 08:20 AM 12/11/1999 +1100, John Hanna wrote:
>"domain logons = yes" was my problem. Now I have a new one -- How do I
>tell my NT Server 3.51 to not be the primary domain controller, so that
>Samba can do it? I tried to use the Server Manager->Computer->Promote to
>Primary option but got the error message "RPC service not found" (or
>something like that). The "Demote" option is greyed out for the NT
>Any suggestions?
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>> You might want to try telling samba to act as a WINS server (wins
>> support=yes in smb.conf I believe), and tell the workstations to look
>> the samba box for WINS. When Windows machines log into an NT domain,
>> use WINS to find the Domain Controller. If WINS isn't working
>properly, or
>> isn't configured, the workstation turns to broadcasting to find the
>> This dosen't always work.
>> I usually set security = Domain for a PDC. Also make sure you've got
>> standard domain logons = yes and stuff (I once spent hours trying to
>> the problem and hadn't even turned on Domain Control support ;-)). You
>> probably want the netlogon share as well (although not compulsory).
>> Matt

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