NT not to PDC? (RPC not found)

John Hanna jhanna at cproject.com
Fri Dec 10 21:10:40 GMT 1999

"domain logons = yes" was my problem. Now I have a new one -- How do I
tell my NT Server 3.51 to not be the primary domain controller, so that
Samba can do it? I tried to use the Server Manager->Computer->Promote to
Primary option but got the error message "RPC service not found" (or
something like that). The "Demote" option is greyed out for the NT

Any suggestions?


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> You might want to try telling samba to act as a WINS server (wins
> support=yes in smb.conf I believe), and tell the workstations to look
> the samba box for WINS. When Windows machines log into an NT domain,
> use WINS to find the Domain Controller. If WINS isn't working
properly, or
> isn't configured, the workstation turns to broadcasting to find the
> This dosen't always work.
> I usually set security = Domain for a PDC. Also make sure you've got
> standard domain logons = yes and stuff (I once spent hours trying to
> the problem and hadn't even turned on Domain Control support ;-)). You
> probably want the netlogon share as well (although not compulsory).
> Matt

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