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Matthew Jamison xmj at
Wed Apr 28 01:39:06 GMT 1999

There have been a couple of browsing questions here recently so I will add
mine in.

I run a smbclient -L on my samba server and at the end of the output I have
the following lines

Workgroup			Master
---------			--------

The KYCC workgroup is on another subnet.

When I am on my MS Win98 box I can see the workgroup but when I double click
in the workgroup is tells me that the Workgroup is inaccessible.

I can do a find computer on HERA and then see the system as well as access
it's shares.

Any thoughts?

Matthew Jamison              xmj at
System Administrator    Cypress Semiconductor
601-324-4609                           (CSDC)
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