Any more progress on Citrix Metaframe vs. Samba PDC?

John Young John_Young at
Wed Apr 28 01:10:49 GMT 1999

Brian Powell mentioned:
> We've been running the Samba PDC code with that patch since then and
> our NT-TS system does, indeed work, but the problem remains of logins
> to it taking a *LONG* time.  Domain logins (through Samba) on our
> regular NT workstations only take about 10-20 seconds or so which is
> wonderful, but all logins to the TS take about 2 minutes from the
> password prompt to your desktop (non domain logins to the same system
> take about 5 seconds).

I don't have anything to add other than to confirm Brian's findings.
We get at least a sixty second delay authenticating through our
Samba PDC (Solaris 2.6 on dual 300MHz Sun Ultra2) with Windoze
Terminal Illness Edition.   The Windows boxes are no slouches,
either (dual 450MHz Intergraph's), and the network is fully
switched 100baseT.

I am running head branch from late January.  I plan to make that
a little more current very soon, although we're having to make
changes very, very carefully.

Hopefully one of these days I can get in a trace it a little


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