domain login across subnet - how?

Matthew Geier matthew at
Sat Apr 24 22:32:20 GMT 1999

> I have three subnets, each connected to a "backbone" via routers.  I
> have a Linux system, running Samba as an NT domain controller, on the
> backbone.

 Have a similar problem - only 1 remote subnet.

> However, the workstations on the subnets cannot login to the domain;
> the domain logins work only on the same subnet as the Samba machine.

 But I do have this working fine. :-)

 Win95 worked perfectly after the 'WINS' settings were filled out. However
no combination of LMHOSTS or wins settings would work for wfw 3.11 for me.

 Then after the network guys VLANed all my stuff away from all the other
junk on the network in the remote building, they turned on 'ip-helper'
in the CISCO router and then the Wfw 3.11 machines started working fine.

 Being able to forward the WINS broadcasts back to your server seems to
make the M$ machines happy.

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