domain login across subnet - how?

mark at mark at
Sun Apr 25 17:24:34 GMT 1999

   > I have three subnets, each connected to a "backbone" via routers.  I
   > have a Linux system, running Samba as an NT domain controller, on the
   > backbone.

    Have a similar problem - only 1 remote subnet.

   > However, the workstations on the subnets cannot login to the domain;
   > the domain logins work only on the same subnet as the Samba machine.

    But I do have this working fine. :-)

    Win95 worked perfectly after the 'WINS' settings were filled out. However
   no combination of LMHOSTS or wins settings would work for wfw 3.11 for me.

I only have Win95 machines; but cannot log in.  I suspect that it is a
problem with Wins though.  Does your NT Domain have to match your host
name or anything?  I tried to do nmbd -h hdplus (the NT domain is
HDPLUS) but then the Win 95 machines gave the message "incorrect
parameter".  I am stuck!!  back to having the samba machine also be
the router (yuck).

Would it be easy to send me the first half of your smb.conf file?
(not the shares; just the wins, domain name, sections)  Any ideas
how to debug the WINS part of samba?  Documentation in the "browsing"
help files just says to enable it in smb.conf and everything will
magically be fine.


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