Help! Network Neighborhood Vanished

Melissa M. Thrush mmt4q at
Wed Apr 21 16:02:11 GMT 1999

We have Samba 2.0.2 running on a Solaris 2.6 machine (not using
PDC yet, but in progress).  All was working fine when after
a weekend reboot the Samba server failed to appear in Network
Neighborhood.  We tried stopping and restarting samba but nmbd
won't start.  I get the following in the log.nmb:

[1999/04/21 11:13:57, 0] lib/fault.c:fault_report(41)
  INTERNAL ERROR: Signal 11 in pid 12864 (2.0.2)
  Please read the file BUGS.txt in the distribution
[1999/04/21 11:13:57, 0] lib/fault.c:fault_report(43)
[1999/04/21 11:13:57, 0] lib/util.c:smb_panic(2383)
  PANIC: internal error
[1999/04/21 11:31:42, 1] nmbd/nmbd.c:main(672)
  Netbios nameserver version 2.0.2 started.
  Copyright Andrew Tridgell 1994-1998
[1999/04/21 11:31:42, 0] lib/fault.c:fault_report(40)

A core file was created but I deleted before I could try using
dbx nmbd core.

Any ideas?  Clients are WinNT4.0SP3 and Win95.  Can map to \\samba
through command prompt on both clients (Win95 have to have samba IP
listed as WINS).

nmbd process

   root 13255     1  0 11:31:42 ?        0:00 /usr/local/samba/bin/nmbd -D



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