Samba PDC will not accept NT login

Richard Ferris richardf at
Wed Apr 21 15:09:19 GMT 1999

Thanks for the reply Maria.  I'm running Samba version 2.0.3 on an SGI IRIX
6.5 machine.  After I've logged into the NT Workstation locally I can then
connect so I'll do that until I can download the latest CVS.

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> I've added the NT Workstation machine account to /etc/passwd and
> and recieved the message Welcome to the SAMBA domain when I join the
> workstation.  When I try to logon with a valid username I get the
> "The SAMBA domain is not available".  My 95 clients connect OK and use
> printers and stuff so I know that the user names are valid and the PDC
> accepting logons.

I have the same problem. On which machine qre you running samba? And
which version of samba? I've tried Samba on Solaris (Sparc) and Linux, 
on Solaris I've got the same results you got, and on Linux it  worked.

Someone told me that Samba 2.0.3 doesn't work as PDC on Sparcs, and I 
should try the CVS 2.1 alpha version.

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