Attrib problem

Yan Seiner yan at
Tue Apr 20 11:17:48 GMT 1999

OOPS!  The law of mailing lists... One finds the solution a few minutes AFTER
posting the query.....

Turned out to be a file OWNERSHIP problem; the permissions weren't getting
changed because the owner was not correct.


Anyway, thanks for a great product.


Daniel Fonseca wrote:

> On Tue, 20 Apr 1999, Yan Seiner wrote:
> > I have an NT application that shares data in client-server mode.
> >
> > When the server makes a change that one of the clients needs to know
> > about, a message box is supposed to pop up on the client.  This has not
> > been happening. The files are updated, but the clients are not notifying
> > the users.
> >
> > After several weeks of reverse engineering this particular app, I've
> > come to the conclusion that the server toggles the archive bit on one
> > particular file in the client directory to let the client know the file
> > has changed.
> >
> > Samba, knowing nothing about DOS attribs, blithely ignores this, and
> > always leaves the archive bit set.  Attempts to toggle the bit fail.
> >
> > Any idea on how to let a windows app toggle the archive bit of a file on
> > a samba server?
> I think what we're looking at is the excellent "map archive" smb.conf
> directive here, which maps certain UNIX permissions to DOS style
> attributes. Try man smb.conf(5) and search for the map xxx directives.
> There's the "map archive", "map hidden" and "map system". I too needed
> this when IExploder wouldn't set the profile if the directory wouldn't be
> of type system or something like that. It's all in the man page - I hope
> you know a little bit about file permissions and umasks, etc.
> Hope to help,
> Daniel Fonseca

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