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I am not a member of this mailing-list, but I hope, that someone is able and
willing to help me.

Situation: I am running a WinNT (ServicePack 4) based network with direct
connection to the internet. To secure the my network and provide a stable
file-server I have added a Linux machine to the network. This machine is
working as a router and is running Samba. NT is running WINS, Samba is
working as WINS-Proxy.

Configuration: Samba is configured to work in my domain
   security = domain
   password server = [NT-Server]
   encrypt passwords = yes
   domain master = no
   local master = no
   preferred master = no.
I have followed the instructions and added Samba as a Server in my NT domain
and launched smbpasswd (the MAC-file exists).
Guest account enabled and mapped to our public space
   default service = public
   map to guest = Bad User

1)	Sometimes Samba is running, but can't find it in my network.
2)	Sometimes it happens, that I can't connect to Samba. He shows the
computer in my network, but he won't show the "shares". Then there are two
- either Windows tells me, that there are no shares
- or he requests a username and a password, but nothing works (I have tried
some NT accounts, the root-account (only on Linux) and my own account
(identical on NT and Linux), but nothing works.
3)	And again sometimes, I can't find the Samba-PC in my PC-list, but I
can connect to him "manually".
4)	And finally sometimes everything runs smoothly.
I suppose, the different behavior could have something to do with restarts
of (a) the NT-Server and (b) Linux. Once the NT-Server is restartet alone,
the errors occure. Once the Linux-PC is restarted after the NT-Server, it
works fine. That is what I found out yesterday. Don't know, whether it is
true and why.

Has anyone of you an answer for this behaviour? Please help!

Axel Schaefer

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