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David Hawke dvh at
Thu Apr 8 11:07:46 GMT 1999

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:

> occasionally i feel like i and other people would like to know how samba
> is being used.  if you feel so inclined, could people kindly let us know
> some of the things below (pick one or more or all), such as:

really interesting to see the big iron comments coming from people - makes my
multiple uses seem trivial. Most of the comment below is in support of a
number of voluntary organisations but we also use it heavily to integrate
disparate systems in the office.

> - a brief description of your organisation.

Generally small budget voluntary groups with a few PC's requiring
file/print/mail services - hence Linux+Samba is great on old hw. Office use is
to support a GIS consultancy team

> - what you use samba for (e.g as file servers; login servers; backup
> purposes or remote admin with smbclient or rpcclient).

file/print; login on 2 sites (Win9x & WfWg), soon to be multiple NT4Wkstn in
my office as well as soon as I am comfortable with it. File services include
remote (out of office)

> - what version(s) of samba you are using.  if using a version from cvs
> please include date and tag.

2.0.3 mostly (2 old sites on 1.9p10, I think - don't have to go near them much
so I've forgotten)

> - what server(s), including the specification (OS, ram, hdd, network,
> rough estimate of mb/s throughput at peak load would be excellent if you
> can get it)

386SX33 (don't laugh - tis true :-))) 16Mb , 1.2Gb HDD, 10Mbit net Linux
486DX33 16Mb,  700Mb SCSI, 10Mbit, Linux 2.0.36
AMDK4-75 32Mb, 1.7Gb SCSI, 10Mbit, Linux 2.0.36
DX4/100 32 Mb, 12Gb IDE, 10Mbit x 2, Linux 2.0.36
Cyrix P150 32Mb, 9Gb IDE, 100Mbit, Linux 2.0.35
Cyrix P200 96Mb, 8Gb SCSI, 100Mbit, Linux 2.0.36
HP9000/730, 64Mb, 12Gb SCSI, 10Mbit, HPUX 10.02

> - how many users and in what database (private/smbpasswd; LDAP; MYSQL) and
> how many simultaneous users.

Typically 3 -10 users simultaneously, Unix passwords (mostly private networks,
server also does dial up, pop and firewall)

> - what sort of hosts connect to your servers.

Win9x, WinNT wkstn

I have to say that Samba has saved the day on many occasions. I have always
appreciated the development efforts of the team and take the opportunity to
expreess my appreciation now.

David Hawke
Geographic Technologies Ltd

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