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Fri Apr 9 06:55:03 GMT 1999

On Tue, 6 Apr 1999, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:

> occasionally i feel like i and other people would like to know how samba
> is being used.  if you feel so inclined, could people kindly let us know
> some of the things below (pick one or more or all), such as:
> - a brief description of your organisation.

We're really small compared to some others I've seen on this site poll.
Eduction and research. We try to develope a new energy source without
the risk of core melt down and big waste problems. It will be fuled by sea
water. (True, and it looks like its possible
( :-)). We are around 80 people in total on
the whole plasma physics department.

> - what you use samba for (e.g as file servers; login servers; backup
> purposes or remote admin with smbclient or rpcclient).

File and print server for a $\approx 10$ 95 boxes. Loginserver for one
NT4sp3 box. Might increase to a few (10--15) boxes in the future. 4
administrative NT boxes running with a central NT server, used by Samba as
password server.

> - what version(s) of samba you are using.  if using a version from cvs
> please include date and tag.

For 95 Samba 2.0.2. For the 4 administrative NT boxes 1.9.19-prealpha. For
the NT box latest CVS main branch.

> - what server(s), including the specification (OS, ram, hdd, network,
> rough estimate of mb/s throughput at peak load would be excellent if you
> can get it)

Main server (samba 2.0.2):
Sun Ultra I 170E with $3 \times 9 \,$GB disk and 384MB RAM

Other servers on:
Sun Ultra I 147 128MB RAM user disks on NFS
Sun Ultra 5 128MB RAM user disks on NFS

All on Solaris 2.6

The machines are often computers in peoples offices, and therefor, the
load from Samba is hard to tell. The Samba load is to small to meassure.
Throughput at peak load of the machines will not be very high, since the
machines are then running MPI parallel calculations.

> - how many users and in what database (private/smbpasswd; LDAP; MYSQL) and
> how many simultaneous users.

At pressent 108 accounts in YP passwd. Most also in smbpasswd. Unix
passwords through Kerberos 4. Typically 4 users simultaneous on each

> - what sort of hosts connect to your servers.

Mainly Sun workstations. Some PC:s through Samba. Also some Macs through
CAP and VMS and HPUX printing by lpd. Mail/DNS/WEB server on Sun.

> i should probably be advocating people to fill in the survey instead of
> this :)
> thank you!
> luke
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Thanks Samba team for a great product!

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