Clients on a different subnet + DHCP

Olivier Roy De Rives oroy at
Wed Apr 7 17:44:37 GMT 1999

An LMHOST file on your workstations with the Samba Server's IP and (if 
applicable) the PDC's IP should remedy this.


Hope this helps

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> Date: Thu, 8 Apr 1999 00:46:14 +1000
>     I have a simple (to explain, at least) problem:
>   I have samba on a Solaris 2.6 server, with the basic configuration ( I
> share /tmp with no restrictions ), the smbclient on another Solaris
> machine on the same subnet is perfectly able to access the share, but NT
> 4.0 Workstations can`t do it.
>   NT Workstations live on a different subnet (xx.yy.33.zz) than Solari`s
> one (xx.yy.32.zz), and some of them can see the samba server as a member
> of the network neighborhood if you find it by name, but some others
> can`t do it at all. None of them can see the share, or the location of
> the server (the domain/workgroup, I mean).
>   I have run some tests to ensure the visibility between the machines,
> specificaly a series of tests proposed by Andrew Tridgell, and
> everything worked OK, but I suspect that these test were assumpting that
> PC`s had static IP address (we use DHCP). 
>   I don`t know how to ensure the samba server to became a member of any
> NT domain, or if this is neccesary.
>   This is the share, the only difference from a basic smb.conf:
> [tmp]
>    comment = Temporary file space
>    path = /tmp
>    read only = no
>    public = yes
>  Thank you very much.
>  Francisco Caliz Carretero.

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