user and groups ID´s samba <-> NT

Christian Kumpf kumpf at
Sun Sep 20 16:44:20 GMT 1998

sebastian hueltenschmidt wrote:

> now as everthing is set up and running .... How do I
> convince my NT WKST´s that the domain wide administrator account
> has local administrator right, for example...
> I mean how do i set the users on the SAMBA-BOX that they continue
> to have the rights they always had... for example that they can still
> read any previously owned file etc..

This is a FAQ (look up in the samba-FAQ and samba-NTDOM FAQ).

For short:
list all domain users, that should get administrator rights on the
workstations in a the following smb.conf-line:

domain admin group = administrator, sebb, shueltenschmidt, ...

solve the server persmissions by unix means, i.e. generate a unix group
for every NT group you had, put the users in the appropiate groups and
set the group-permissions and ownerships of the files on the new machine
accordingly. Everey UNIX- or Linux-introduction may be helpfull.


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