user and groups ID´s samba --- NT

sebastian hueltenschmidt shueltenschmidt at
Sun Sep 20 19:26:00 GMT 1998

ahhh.. yeah.... grmmpppfffhhhh-... sorry....

read it 1 miunte ago... sorry ... i dont really know where
my brain is at the moment... welll lemme seee... ahh noooo
no brain available.... 

ok, the serious stuff... 
lets ask more precisely..
 I NEED to make sure that the users can access their locally
(on any client) created file... 
hhmmm ... sorry for the inconvinience, but i am working on this
samba pdc project for about 200 working hours and i cannot do
much testing because the net i try to administer is used and
NEEDED every day, so i cannot afford to crash it or have anything
not working or my boss..(who said: boy, get this samba stuff running,
NOW) (:-(), wants to have a samba-domain which just seems to be a 
NT-Domain from client side... mhhhpff...dunno... 
again, sorry for asking too many too stupid questions, but i NEED to 
set it up quickly...

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