user and groups ID´s samba <-> NT

sebastian hueltenschmidt shueltenschmidt at
Sun Sep 20 18:28:15 GMT 1998

I try (as mentioned before) to migrate from a NT40 PDC to a

now as everthing is set up and running .... How do I
convince my NT WKST´s that the domain wide administrator account
has local administrator right, for example...
I mean how do i set the users on the SAMBA-BOX that they continue
to have the rights they always had... for example that they can still
read any previously owned file etc..
for info....
i got now:

an DEC-Alpha running WINNT server 4.0 servpack 3 as PDC
no BDC,

it should become

an PentiumPro 200 running RH-Linux 5.0, samba-1.9.19prealpha as PDC

i NEED to keep all the users, groups and rights...
it is possible and i would prefer to set up all the users and rights
from scratch, but i have to make sure that everybody is able to read
their formerly created file and stuff... 

sorry about those ugly questions, but i dont know any further...


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