Problem with on of my boxes..

mathewss at mathewss at
Fri Sep 18 17:41:27 GMT 1998

 Well i have more to add now. I decided to get
a bit up to date on what was up with NTDOM
and read some stuff on the web site looks
like the faq's are more clear now thanks everyone..
 So i decided to update my cvs tree I did an
update cvs and it failed on some linux folder
so i removed my entire samba cvs tree and did
a total refresh that went find. configed compiled
and installed. Now i have enen more pdc problems
now when i go into NT Server manager on my boxes
i get 
  "The remote procedure call failed"
  " Do you want to select a different domain?"

when i say yes i am presented with the typical 
domain picklist wherei see my domain. So when
i select it i get "Lan Manager error 1310720 occured"

 So what happened? is the current CVS Tree broken?
did the config change in some way that I need to fix?

 I did notice the new parameter and the elimination of the
old parameter that i updated in my config

New: domain admin group = user1, user2, user3
Old: domain admin users = user1 user2 user3

 Is there more? anyway thanks in advance

I had attempted to update my cvs a few months ago
and had the same problem but no time to go into it
so i did a make revert :( but i am determined to get
back up to date.. Please Please Help..

Sean Mathews
 Nu Tech

On Fri, 18 Sep 1998 mathewss at wrote:

>  I have a problem box that seems to not let me
> do anything with regards to the Domain Admin account.
> When i connect via rcmd or via server manager from a 
> system that is on the domain to this box i am DOMAIN\Administrator
> yet on the problem box it does not let me have rights
> to say stop or start services. this is maybe a clue i had
> this event in the event viewer..
>  Event ID 3224
> Changing machine account password for account FREY$ failed with the
> following error: 
> The credentials supplied conflict with an existing set of credentials.  
> I also have been getting this several times
>  The redirector has timed out a request to CLOUDY. 
>  I am having tuns of problems with a "Global Administrator
> Rights" also.
> I am running 
> Samba version 1.9.19-prealpha
>  been a few since i did a cvs should i update?
> and also my fear is that if i do update its been
> difficult for us to figure out what the new features
> are and how to configure them the docs on this seem
> to be elusive to us. IE adding a machine account
> what what is needed in the local unix password file?
>  Any advice would be very very appreciated.
> sample confs from someone procedures on adding machine accounts
> or fixing machine accounts pointers to the docs specific
> to PDC stuff anything / everything :c)
> Best regards
>  Sean M
>   Nu Tech
>  Regards 
>   Sean Mathews Nu Tech CTO
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