Problem with on of my boxes..

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Fri Sep 18 17:19:56 GMT 1998

mathewss at wrote:
> and installed. Now i have enen more pdc problems
> now when i go into NT Server manager on my boxes
> i get
>   "The remote procedure call failed"
>   " Do you want to select a different domain?"

This just won't work at the moment.  It was never
really completed although for a time you could view
a small list of accounts.

>  So what happened? is the current CVS Tree broken?

Not broken.  Just a work in progress.

> New: domain admin group = user1, user2, user3
> Old: domain admin users = user1 user2 user3
>  Is there more? anyway thanks in advance

Any changes are outlined in the NTDOM FAQ.  

> I had attempted to update my cvs a few months ago
> and had the same problem but no time to go into it
> so i did a make revert :( but i am determined to get
> back up to date.. Please Please Help..

Good luck :)

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