nt password changing now works.

Dave J. Andruczyk dave at www.buffalostate.edu
Thu Oct 22 16:01:43 GMT 1998

> >put "unix password sync = yes" in smb.conf.
> Now, that seems to be what is causing the problems some people are
> reporting, with passwd sync on, I cannot change the passwd using the famous
> three fingured salute. Works fine if I disable the passwd sync option in
> smb.conf. Luke warned us about not getting too excited.
> Looks like a stroll through the log files....

As the docs say, to do "unix password sync" the passwords have to be sent
in clear text, which NT4 with SP3 or higher WILL NOT DO, without a
registry hack to allow plain text password sending.   Check to see if your
machines can send the password in clear text before attempting unix
passwd sync.  Easiest way is to say "encrypt passwords = no" in the
smb.conf file.


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