Roaming Profiles and mysterious log files

John Lundbäck e92_jlu at
Fri Oct 16 09:54:44 GMT 1998

I've got a small problem which I find very annoying indeed. Everytime a user
logs into our domain and downloads the Profile from our file server, there are
two files created prfnn.log and prfnntmp.log, one is 8Kb the other is 0Kb.
What are they for creatures and how do I stop them to multiply on the 
in one week, one easily gets something between 50-100 such pairs of files.

The only thing to do is to delete them manually from the diskserver. Isn't 
a better way of getting rid of these files?

Has it something to do with the fact that I do not have a NTPolicy.pol file
as I do not have the NTServer CD with the NT version of the policy editor? 
I'm currently use the win95 policy editor which seems to do the job well.

Regards, John

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