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Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Mon Oct 19 11:38:50 GMT 1998

J. A. Landamore wrote:
> Do I need to leave the machine_name entry in the password 
> table (nis+) after I have run smbpasswd to create the 
> machine_name$ entry in private/smbpasswd.  If so could 
> someone please either explain briefly why, or point me to an
> expanation.

The descision to require machine accounts in /etc/passwd was 
after a long debate of how to ensure that the machine trust 
accounts had a unique uid.  After the creation of the machine account
in private/smbpasswd, the entry in /etc/passwd is no longer 
accessed but I would think it would be easier to leave them in 
there to prevent duplication.

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