Anyone have experience with samba and TSE

Andy Smith abs at
Thu Nov 12 18:20:12 GMT 1998

We have just started looking at NT Server, TSE with Metaframe from Citrix
and WinCenter Connect for Metaframe from NCD.  We've had the 3.51 version
of this lot around for a while, authenticating using NIS.  With the 4.0
version, I wanted to authenticate against our samba PDC to bring the NC
users into complete alignment with our NT4 workstation users.

First off this went OK, the TSE box was able to join the domain, and
smbclient was able to access it, I even connected to samba shares from
a dos promt on the TSE box.

However, logging into the domain from the gina (dont know whose that
is, TSE, Metframe, or NCD?) fails - spectacularly, on the console it
reboots the TSE box.  This is against a 1.9.19-prealpha cvs'd on
Jul_14_23:04 GMT, so I am busy trying to configure today's cvs code
right now.  Can anyone confirm my optimism that this is going to work,
or tell my right now I've got to use Insignia's pathetic NIS offering?

Thanks in advance
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