Anyone have experience with samba and TSE

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Thu Nov 12 19:13:49 GMT 1998


i've fixed loads of junk since july 14th, it doesn't surprise me if it
falls over.

if you have a spare NT server around can you substitute the samba server
for an NT server, test out the spectacularly-failing client, do a network
trace (netmon), send it to me.  also a network trace of the spectacular


 On Fri, 13 Nov 1998, Andy Smith wrote:

> We have just started looking at NT Server, TSE with Metaframe from Citrix
> and WinCenter Connect for Metaframe from NCD.  We've had the 3.51 version
> of this lot around for a while, authenticating using NIS.  With the 4.0
> version, I wanted to authenticate against our samba PDC to bring the NC
> users into complete alignment with our NT4 workstation users.
> First off this went OK, the TSE box was able to join the domain, and
> smbclient was able to access it, I even connected to samba shares from
> a dos promt on the TSE box.
> However, logging into the domain from the gina (dont know whose that
> is, TSE, Metframe, or NCD?) fails - spectacularly, on the console it
> reboots the TSE box.  This is against a 1.9.19-prealpha cvs'd on
> Jul_14_23:04 GMT, so I am busy trying to configure today's cvs code
> right now.  Can anyone confirm my optimism that this is going to work,
> or tell my right now I've got to use Insignia's pathetic NIS offering?
> Thanks in advance
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