ypserv dies on me..

Harald H Hannelius harald at penti.sit.fi
Wed Nov 11 13:32:35 GMT 1998

I have cvs'ed Samba on Nov 11 98, 15:00 EET-DST, and I'm running a
NIS-server on the SMB server as well. Linux/slackware, no shadow.

the following problem:

I am using the 'passwd sync' option in smb.conf, and all is working well,
both passwords get changed and all, but when I get the "passwd: password
changed for user 'foobar' by user 'root'" ypserv dies. This is kind of
annoying, because suddenly a whole lot of other things break on the *nix
machines in the network. :(

I'm not shure if this is a problem with samba or ypserv....please help

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