NT password problem

Dave Kirkby davek at medphys.ucl.ac.uk
Wed Nov 11 15:27:56 GMT 1998

I have an old Sun IPC unix workstation at home, running the latest
release of Solaris (version 2.6) and Samba version 1_9_18p8. This is
connected to a network of two computers - the Sun workstation and a PC
running NT4, with service pack 3. I've altered the registry on the NT
machine to allow plain passwords to be sent over the network, as
detailed in one of the Samba documents. Security is no issue for me -
the two machines are in my home, and the data is not confidential.  I've
mapped a few directories on the sun (root directory, the cdrom, my home
directory), to drive letters on the NT machine.

The problem I have is that each time I log onto the NT machine, I need
to type the unix machines passwords several times (one for each
directory shared). This gets a bit tedious, although it works fine. What
is simplest way that I can get access to the files on the Sun, without
typing in the password many times.  I have looked at files detailing how
to set up encrypted passwords, but can't seem to see if this is what I
need to do.

I have tried creating a user on the NT box with the username of 'root'
and the same password as root on the Sun, but this don't work. (I
suspect this is due to the different encryption algorithms), but I
really don't know how to proceed.

Any ideas ??

Dave Kirkby.

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