Problems authenticating Win95 with ntdom server

Jeremy Allison jallison at
Tue Jun 30 20:32:09 GMT 1998

Evan Champion wrote:
> Sorry if this isn't really appropriate for the samba-ntdom list, but since
> I'm running the latest CVS code(as of this morning) I thought I'd start
> here.
> I have a samba server set to authenticate against an NT domain controller
> on the net.  I have security = domain, encrypt passwords = yes.
> NT machines love my samba server; 95 machines always fail the
> authentication check.  The samba server logs the NT_STATUS_WRONG_PASSWORD
> with the correct user and domain.

Can you send a debug level 10 log - my guess is that
the Win95 machines are only passing the lanman password
hash response, not the NT one. This will cause the code
that does the domain authentication in password.c to
screw up.

The log will confirm/deny this.


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