Problems authenticating Win95 with ntdom server

Evan Champion evanc at
Tue Jun 30 18:32:41 GMT 1998

Sorry if this isn't really appropriate for the samba-ntdom list, but since
I'm running the latest CVS code(as of this morning) I thought I'd start

I have a samba server set to authenticate against an NT domain controller
on the net.  I have security = domain, encrypt passwords = yes.

NT machines love my samba server; 95 machines always fail the
authentication check.  The samba server logs the NT_STATUS_WRONG_PASSWORD 
with the correct user and domain.

These 95 machines are running OSR2, and I applied the VRDRUPD.EXE patch on
top, so they should be using authenticated passwords.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I could try to get this



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