How to use /etc/passwd passwords for NTDOM?

Simon Murcott S.Murcott at
Mon Feb 23 21:10:57 GMT 1998

Samuel James Johnston wrote:
> You'll be doing well if you manage to work out how to do this. The UNIX
> password file contains one way encryptions of the users passwords. ie the
> password is encrypted using the password and a salt as the key, or
> thereabouts. To create the hashes needed in smbpasswd files you need the
> original (cleartext) password. Thus, unless you want to crack each line of
> the UNIX password file, you have little or no chance of achieving this.
> mkpasswd works only as well as is possible. Perhaps you could modify the
> passwd (or dare I say, login) executables to update the smbpasswd file.
> These are about the only two processes that ever get to see your password.
> Remember too that the smbpasswd file contains passowrd equivalents, so be
> careful about where you put it/who can see it.

I have noticed that there is a module available for PAM that will allow
you to authenticate of a NT/Samba domain controller. In theory this
could replace /etc/passwd with private/smbpasswd.

Has anyone tried this? I would be very interested in some opinions of


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