How to use /etc/passwd passwords for NTDOM?

Samuel James Johnston samj at cse.unsw.EDU.AU
Mon Feb 23 23:41:57 GMT 1998


This sounds like a good idea. The only question I would have about it is
that it only contains the password information, rather than the usual unix
format of everything in the same file. I guess this could also be a good

One wants to make sure the smbpasswd file is _very_ secure. Not only are
the keys crackable (reasonably easily), but they are effectively password

Sam Johnston

> I have noticed that there is a module available for PAM that will allow
> you to authenticate of a NT/Samba domain controller. In theory this
> could replace /etc/passwd with private/smbpasswd.
> Has anyone tried this? I would be very interested in some opinions of
> it.
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