Also no PDC found

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Thu Feb 5 18:45:34 GMT 1998

On Thu, 5 Feb 1998, Paul Ashton wrote:

> At 21:15 04/02/98 , Michel wrote:
> >The docs mention having to add a line to smbpasswd for every machine,
> >then a line that it's no longer needed =). Do I or don't I ? 
> >(what this line exactly looks like is a bit obscure in the docs).
> You do need it. I think Luke took out the line saying you didn't
> need to do it.
> with the password set to "hostname" in lower case.

i think the 80 on the end needs to be :0080: - the code expects 4 bytes
_and_ the terminating colon.  0x0080 is ACB_WKSTRUST account (see
source/lib/rpc/includes/ use grep).

> If you use the old format with the home directory etc., you'll end
> up with the account type being set to 0 due to atoi() or strtol()
> changing alpha input to 0.
> As a general debugging aid, if you also have access to MSDN or SMS,
> microsoft's netmon network sniffer decodes a lot of proprietary
> protocols that other sniffers don't, including a lot of MS
> RPCs including the domain control ones. It will often quickly
> indicate why somethings failing. You'll also be horrified to
> see how wasteful of your network bandwidth it is...

yep, and yep!

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