Also no PDC found

Paul Ashton paul at
Wed Feb 4 21:33:40 GMT 1998

At 21:15 04/02/98 , Michel wrote:
>The docs mention having to add a line to smbpasswd for every machine,
>then a line that it's no longer needed =). Do I or don't I ? 
>(what this line exactly looks like is a bit obscure in the docs).

You do need it. I think Luke took out the line saying you didn't
need to do it.

with the password set to "hostname" in lower case.

If you use the old format with the home directory etc., you'll end
up with the account type being set to 0 due to atoi() or strtol()
changing alpha input to 0.

As a general debugging aid, if you also have access to MSDN or SMS,
microsoft's netmon network sniffer decodes a lot of proprietary
protocols that other sniffers don't, including a lot of MS
RPCs including the domain control ones. It will often quickly
indicate why somethings failing. You'll also be horrified to
see how wasteful of your network bandwidth it is...


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