Problem witn NT login into SAMBA-PDC

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Wed Dec 30 16:00:23 GMT 1998

Bassine Ilya wrote:
> Samba was configured as PDC:
> [Global]
> ..
> workgroup = DOMAIN
> netbios name = SERVER
> hosts allow = 10.0.1.
> domain logons = yes
> security = user
> encrypted update = yes

Can't user this with "encrypt passwords = yes"

> adduser script = /usr/sbin/adduser

This is to be used if you a domain member, not a PDC.

> 3. I've made an machine account using smbpasswd:
> smbpasswd -a -m ntwork1
> 4. I've tried two ways :
>     a. Leave the null password for machine
>     b. Change the password using smbpasswd ntwork1$
> 5. I've joined my NT-station to the Samba-DOMAIN, successful. I mean
> I've seen "Welcome to DOMAIN"
> 6. I've tried to logon into SAMBA DOMAIN after the restarting of the
> NT-STATION -> without success.
> On the NT box I've seen "bla-bla-bla user password is wrong"

I'm assuming that you added the smbpasswd entry for user ilya?

Just a note, but you must use kencryptes passwords for NT 
PDC support.  This means that every user must have 
and entry in the private/smbpasswd.   Have you read the 
NTDOM FAQ?   IF not, it's under documentation on the samba 
site (

Hope this helps,
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