Problem witn NT login into SAMBA-PDC

Bassine Ilya mot at
Wed Dec 30 13:03:14 GMT 1998

I've decided to try Samba-2.0beta4 to make a PDC.
I have a Linux Slakware 3.6 box, with last version of shadow and quota
After the installation from the source I've read all documentation about
Samba was configured as PDC:

workgroup = DOMAIN
netbios name = SERVER
hosts allow = 10.0.1.
domain logons = yes
security = user
encrypted update = yes
encrypt passwords = yes
local master = yes
domain master = yes
logon path = \\%L\Profiles\%U
logon script = %U.bat
wins proxy = yes
dns proxy = no # on my test network I have not DNS service
adduser script = /usr/sbin/adduser

The sections [netlogon] and [Profiles] were done as it was said in
smb.conf manual.
I've used smbpasswd to make encrypted passwords.
I've tried Windows 95 (Service Pack 1.0) and Windows 98.
So I had not any problem with them. But when I've begin to use Windows
NT 4.0 SP3
as the client -> the problem was occurred.
1. I've made an unix account:
adduser -> ntwork1$ ( home = /dev/null, shell = /bin/false, password was
not null)
2. I've make a Windows NT's user profile with User Manager and put it to
the [Profile] section.
3. I've made an machine account using smbpasswd:
smbpasswd -a -m ntwork1
4. I've tried two ways :
                         a. Leave the null password for machine
                         b. Change the password using smbpasswd ntwork1$

5. I've joined my NT-station to the Samba-DOMAIN, successful. I mean
I've seen "Welcome to DOMAIN"
6. I've tried to logon into SAMBA DOMAIN after the restarting of the
NT-STATION -> without success.
On the NT box I've seen "bla-bla-bla user password is wrong"
On the Linux box in log.ntwork1 I've seen "user ilya is invalid on this

I've tried many configurations but with the same result (including plain
text password and hacking NT registry)
Please help... a week of the trying and hard work -> and no chance....

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