stay away from HEAD branch?

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Tue Dec 8 18:56:47 GMT 1998

> quite interesting to see the progression of features. What I'm wundering now is
> whether we mere mortals should stay away from the cvs tree until things
> stabilise a bit? The domain group mapping completely broke my experimental
> setup and it seems to be getting worse so should we consider it "closed until
> further notice"?

putting this in a negative context rather than a positive one: it doesn't
work that way.  no feedback, no fixes.

putting a positive context spin on it: if you want to use samba as a PDC
then any assistance you can give will result in the main cvs tree
stabilising faster.  the SAMBA_2_0_0 beta branch *may* have to use this
code in order to provide "ACL" support.

the development of the "group database API" finished last week.  the last
week has been spent fixing bugs and developing rpcclient.


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