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Tue Dec 8 19:18:41 GMT 1998


   What can I do to help?


On 08-Dec-98 Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:
>> quite interesting to see the progression of features. What I'm wundering now
>> is
>> whether we mere mortals should stay away from the cvs tree until things
>> stabilise a bit? The domain group mapping completely broke my experimental
>> setup and it seems to be getting worse so should we consider it "closed
>> until
>> further notice"?
> putting this in a negative context rather than a positive one: it doesn't
> work that way.  no feedback, no fixes.
> putting a positive context spin on it: if you want to use samba as a PDC
> then any assistance you can give will result in the main cvs tree
> stabilising faster.  the SAMBA_2_0_0 beta branch *may* have to use this
> code in order to provide "ACL" support.
> the development of the "group database API" finished last week.  the last
> week has been spent fixing bugs and developing rpcclient.
> luke

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