stay away from HEAD branch?

Thomas Reifferscheid reiffert at
Tue Dec 8 18:15:09 GMT 1998

Good morning people,

the last view weeks many things have changed and i have a running PDC
under linux and i'm very happy with that !! many thx to developers and
all bugreporters

Today i decided to tryout the cvs-branch, but the connection i got to 
was very very slow. i would appreciate to find a fast cvs-mirror for the
samba and smb-domain branch located in .de (Germany). I've looked around
for a german cvsbranch, but there was none.
If there is one, please answer me, if not i offer to make a cvsbranch
for samba and sambadomain in germany in the german scientific net
(DFN).(Uni-bonn which hosts seems to have no cvs-branch and
is in the DFN, too)

Where can i get further advisery how to install a cvs-tree and where
(and when) to get the files for offering ?

and greg: better backup your files before playing ;-))

Greg Dickie wrote:

> every morning for the last few months and building it and trying it out , it's
> quite interesting to see the progression of features. What I'm wundering now is
> whether we mere mortals should stay away from the cvs tree until things
> stabilise a bit? The domain group mapping completely broke my experimental
> setup and it seems to be getting worse so should we consider it "closed until
> further notice"?

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