DG/UX 5.4R3.10

Ryan Koski Ryan at US.Distribution.com
Tue Aug 25 22:55:41 GMT 1998


I sent a message to the list earlier about this OS, but haven't seen it show
up yet.  At any rate, I have more information now anyway:

I did a complete get of the CVS code this morning to an older Data General
AviiON 88k processor based box running DG/UX 5.4R3.10.  If I simply run
./configure and make, then the following compile warnings appear:

Compiling smbd/server.c
Compiling smbd/files.c
Compiling smbd/chgpasswd.c
smbd/chgpasswd.c: In function `findpty':
smbd/chgpasswd.c:71: warning: assignment makes pointer from integer without
a cast
Compiling smbd/connection.c
Compiling smbd/dfree.c
smbd/dfree.c: In function `fsusage':
smbd/dfree.c:165: warning: passing arg 1 of `statvfs' discards `const' from
pointer target type
Compiling smbd/dir.c

By inspecting the code around those line numbers, I determined that the
HAVE_GRANTPT and STAT_STATVFS flags were causing the problems.  I commented
out those defines in config.h, did a make clean and a make.  This resulted
in a completely clean build.  I bring the daemons up and try to connect to
the only service I have defined.  The following shows up in my smb.log:

[1998/08/25 14:38:26, 1] smbd/server.c:main(630)
  smbd version 2.0.0-prealpha started.
  Copyright Andrew Tridgell 1992-1997
[1998/08/25 14:38:31, 1] smbd/service.c:make_connection(482)
  rkoski (hidden) connect to service U1 as user ryan (uid=477, gid=200) (pid
[1998/08/25 14:38:31, 0] smbd/dfree.c:disk_free(204)
  WARNING: dfree is broken on this system

Obviously, this is somehow related to the dfree.c problem above.  If I leave
the define for STAT_STATVFS in config.h, do a make clean and a make (and
live with the compile time warning), the resulting smbd appears to work
normally (no dfree error in the log and the disk free space is correctly
reported in Explorer).  Still, warnings make me nervous and I'd prefer a
completely clean build.

The fact that dfree works properly despite the compile warning (and gives
erroneous reports of disk free space on a "clean" build) makes me wonder
about the chgpasswd.c warning.  Perhaps I should leave HAVE_GRANTPT defined?

Ryan Koski
Management Information Systems
Distribution Architects International

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