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Wed Aug 26 12:05:05 GMT 1998

As this is my first posting, I would like to thank to all the Samba team
for the great job.

I am Working with the CVS Code from 25 august 1998.

1) When a new user logs to NT Wks 4, SAMBA creates a FILE (not a
   with the name of the user and 0 lenght, owned by the user with perms
   NT says more or less (translated from spanish) "Your profile is not
   available. You will start with a local one"
2) When this same user logs again, then another file is created on SAMBA
   <username>.pds again owned by him and with perms. 0744.
   Win NT displays the same message, but remains waiting for 30 second
unless you
   press the OK button.

3) If I delete the username file from SAMBA and create instead a
Directory with
   the same name and perms 0755 then everything works.

Couldn't Samba create a Directory instead of a file? Is this a bug or am
I wrong?

Thank you very much,


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