A question about NT Domains

Paul Leach paulle at microsoft.com
Wed Apr 8 23:12:19 GMT 1998

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> REMEMBER:  Microsoft operates on the philosophy of one person, one
> computer, using and accessing all Microsoft software.  Very little
> has been done by Microsoft to accommodate multiple users 
> using the same
> computer; just as very little has been done to interconnect 
> NT with any
> other system (thus SAMBA).

I don't understand this comment at all.

Both NT and Win95 support serial reuse (many users, just one at a time)
pretty well (in my obviously biased opinion -- is that IMOBO?). All the
people sharing a Win95 machine have to totally trust one another, and all
the people sharing the NT machine have to trust the admin (but what's new),
and the NT machine needs to run NTFS and have some physical security if the
people sharing the machine are really untrustworthy.

With NT5/Hydra, NT will support multiple simultaneous users via WinTerms.


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