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Wed Apr 8 22:39:35 GMT 1998

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great: an on-line wish list.  can you put:


5) some of these commands exist in smbclient: nltest.exe is the basis for
causing various such commands from the NT side, from which packet traces
can be generated.

the net.exe command also generates some dce/rpc commands.

priority: low.

7) fix the long dce/rpc packet format, which usually involves one SMBtrans
followed by several SMBreadX calls.

priority: high

8) investigate "long share names" - over 12 characters in length

priority: medium

9) get PDC functionality (domain logons for NT 3.51 / NT 4.0) working /
verified as working.

priority: high

2) priority: low

3) priority: medium (because there is an interim manual "fix").

4) and \PIPE\spoolss.

call for assistance / reference to instructions on how to do this.  gerry,
can you put this in your FAQ:  how to install netmon.exe; where to get it
(SMS or local version); where to send .CAP files (samba-bugs); caveats:
only use test user accounts, or for the really paranoid don't send
anything from a production server / network.

priority: medium.

wish list

3) this is already partly done, by jeremy!

4) NT user password changes.

5) NT machine account password changes

6) DFS (distributed file system) dce/rpc admin calls.

thank you!

luke (not sure which email address i live at, right now...)

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