A question about NT Domains

Gerald W. Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Wed Apr 8 17:32:44 GMT 1998

John Harper wrote:
> However, our system arrangement is such that we have two Solaris
> servers - one is dedicated to staff/faculty, the other is for students.
> Each class of user only has access to and account info on their
> particular server. I would therefore assume the logical extension into
> the world of NT domains would imply that I configure both Unix servers
> as separate PDC's in two NT domains (it seems reasonable to me!).
> But our labs can be used by both students and faculty, and I therefore
> need the client NT machines to be able to connect to either domain -
> as far as I can tell this is not possible. Is there in fact any way
> to get a client to belong/connect to more than one domain? Am I

Nope.  Only member of one domain at a time.

> missing something, or can I add this to my growing list of "Why I
> Hate M$"?

That's up to you :)

Here's my take on the situation.

I would try to set up one domain a differentiate between services
depending on the user.  In other words, have a single login script and

Here's one thing I have been meaning to try but haven't had the chance. 
Set "password server" to be the other samba serber so you only have to
keep up with one smbpasswd file.

rem get the user's group...abitrary...no relation to NT or unix groups

if "%GROUP%" == "group1" goto group1
if "%GROUP%" == "group2" goto group2

goto end

goto end

echo Done!

Hope this helps,
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